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Where Do You Begin When Choosing a Baby Name?

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Baby Names. Unique or Traditional? Family Name or Celebrity? Religious? What if it rhymes with a bad word…? The stress of choosing a name for your baby can be harder to deal with than worrying about whether to ask for an epidural. Will your family be insulted if you don’t include one of their names? What if you choose cousin Alan’s name instead of your father’s? How many times have you considered having a third child just to make sure every side of the family is appeased in the name game? Relax. This is your baby.


Unique Baby Names

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Unique Baby NamesThe name. Meaning, kindness to your heritage, not wanting your kid to be called a horrible in school, and expressing personality. Wow. It feels like a bigger decision than getting pregnant in the first place. So many of us would love to avoid the ‘Jennifer 1’ , ‘Jennifer 2’ phenomenon that plagued us through grade school. Some of us bought every typical book, and frustrated with the normalcy, went through newspapers, Restoration Hardware catalogues and then, the atlas. (Of course…)  This list of unique baby names would would have been helpful.  A name is such an important decision, particularly when hormones are raging!  Breathe, and remember that you can have one or two middle names if the decision is too hard or family pressure becomes too much. 

Unique Baby Names

A: Abacus, Acacia, Acheron, Adeona, Adicia, Affinity, Akia, Amaryllis, Ambrosia, Amiable, Anchor, Andromeda, Anemone, Angelilia, Angora, Answer, Anu, Aphrodite, Appolo, Arbor, Arcadia, Archer, Aria, Arion, Armor, Artemis, Arrow, Ash, Athena, Atiyana, Atlantis, Auburn, Aura, Aurora, Auster, Avalanche, Avalon, Axiom, Azazia

B: Bay, Baylyn, Beech, Bellona, Benevolent, Bettina, Beyonce, Bia, Birch, Blade, Blaze, Bliss, Blithe, Blue, Botany, Boundary, Boxer, Braelyn, Branch, Bridge, Brigit Brown, Burr

C: Cadence, Cadmus, Calico, Calliope, Calypso, Calyx, Cameo, Camera, Camisha, Canoe, Cantata, Canyon, Caraway, Carya, Carnelian, Cascade, Cashmere, Cassia, Castalia, Castle, Catalpa, Catcher, Cayenne, Cedar, CeeJay, Ceres, Chamomile, Chance, Chavonne, Chinyere, Ciliza, Cinnamon, Citron, Clarity, Clio, Cloud, Cobalt, Columbine, Comet, Comfort, Confidence, Contemplate, Coralee, Corona, Crimson, Cytherea

D: Damario, Damia, Danu, Danua, Damonica, Dance, Dancer, Darana, Darilynn, Dashawna, Davonte, Dawan, Dedicate, Deinara, Democracy, Demontay, Dewayne, Diamond, Diplomacy, Discovery, Diversity, Doneshia, Drakanea, Dragon, Dream

E: Eccentricity, Echo, Eden, Edesia, Electria, Elegant, Eleven, Elm, Endeavor, Enodia, Epona, Erzulie, Essential, Eternity, Ethereal, Eudora, Eurydice, Euthenia, Even, Ever, Explorer

F: Fable, Fantasy, Fascination, Fast, Fauna, Favorite, Fennel, Feronia, Festival, Field, Fielder, Finch, Five, Flame, Flint, Flower, Forest, Forever, Forsythia, Fortuna, Forward, Fox, Foxania, Free, Freedom, Freesia, Friend, Frost, Fury, Future

G: Gage, Gaia, Galaxy, Gallant, Gardener, Generous, Gentle, Gillus, Glade, Glass, Glimmer, Graceanne, Granite, Gravity, Green, Grove, Guardian, Guide, Gulana

H: Hades, Halia, Halcyon, Harbor, Harmony, Hapi, Heaven, Hemera, Hera, Hermes, Hermetta, Himalia, Hoby, Holiday, Horizon

I: Imagine, Inari, Indigo, Infinity, Inspiration, Ishtar, Isis, Izanami

J: Jamari, Jandira, Jaquelle, Jarah, Jewel, Jezanna, Julana, Juno, Jupiter, Justice

K: Kali, Katrita, Kayleigh-Ann, Keever, Keneisha, Keveen, Keyiri, King, Kismet, Kiss, Kohara

L: Lake, Lalita, Lanien, Laquan, Lasya, Larenta, Latona, Lark, Leaf, Legend, Levannah, Liberty, Lilac, Liliai, Lively, Love, Lovelia, Lucetia, Lyric

M: Mahogany, Makayla, Maia, Maleaka, Mali, Marcoe, Meadow, Memory, Mercury, Merlin, Merlina, Meteor, Mialyn, Mica, Mikki, Mimosa, Min, Minerva, Miracle, Muse, Myeisha, Mystery

N: Nanna, Nakeisha, Navigator, Nefertiti, Nehellenia, Nirvana, North, Nuesha, Nunu, Nurelia

O: Oak, Oberon, Ocean, Odin, Opera, Orion, Osiris, Ostara, Osment

P: Pace, Painter, Palace, Paradise, Peace, Phoebe, Phoenix, Pike, Pilot, Pine, Pleasant, Power, Prairie, Precious, Promise, Prosper

Q: Quantiko, Quarry, Quianna, Quintessence

R: Racer, Rameses, Rain, Ranger, Red, Remember, Remus, Reshawn, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhythm, River, Romulus, Ronto, Rule, Rush

S: Safari, Sage, Sailor, Sarama, Satine, Scout, Secret, Selene, Sequana, Serendipity, Serenity, Sesame, Seven, Shade, Shaquan, Shatrina, Shawntika, Silver, Simplicity, Sincerity, Singor, Sirius, Sky, Skylar, Slate, Snow, Sonnet, Spirit, Spruce, Star, Steel, Sterling, Stone, Storm, Story, Surya

T: Taffeta, Taheesha, Tamarind, Tanith, Tarragon, Teal, Temperance, Tender, Theatre, Thor, Thunder, Timber, Titania, Traveler, Trinity

U: Ufynya, Undina, Urania, Ursa

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Unique Baby Names

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