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Giveaway!! Black Friday Ebay Door Buster Deals

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Did you know that 62 per cent of Canadians are planning to shop for themselves on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? UrbanMommies not only has the sneak peek at the Black Friday Ebay doorbuster deals on sale from 8am -11:59pm EST tomorrow, but we are giving away a $250 Ebay gift code!


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Mobilicity

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Mobilicity Galaxy NexusI admit that I was petrified.  Seriously.  We all love our comfort zones, and I have established a reasonably efficient way of working on my phone, computer, tablets… ok.  Maybe not so efficient!  As an Apple user I haven’t been well-versed in Windows for eons and as a frequent traveler, I had never used a smaller phone carrier.   I knew that android had something to do with a robot, but could I get all of my favourite apps?  And as a dedicated Blackberry user, I grew pretty comfortable with a keyboard (though the carpal tunnel in my thumbs acts up quite a bit!)

When Mobilicity sent me a Galaxy Nexus, my kids squealed.  I had a hunch that they would be teaching me how to use it.. I immediately downloaded social networking apps and was shocked at the simplicity and extensiveness of the app store.  I gave myself a challenge: the Nexus would become the UrbanDaddies’ dedicated phone for tweets, instagram, pinterest, facebook and foursquare.  Let’s just say that the social media for UrbanDaddies has taken off, and I have no intention of giving up the service when my 6 month trial is done! The phone’s 1.2 GHz dual-core processor lets you switch quickly between apps, games and the web browser, and the phone is super-intuitive.

When I was able to wrestle the phone out of my sons’ and husband’s hands, I took videos, did awesome photography and surfed the net easily.

During the period of the test, I was in Africa, Belize, Sun Peaks, Whistler, Houston, Brussels, Frankfurt and Montreal.  Though I didn’t use the data plans overseas, the wireless connectivity  and texting were amazing and roaming throughout North America was easy.  I always knew what the roaming charges would be and the ‘My Wallet’ feature gave me complete control of my spending.  You deposit a certain amount of money for fees into your virtual ‘wallet’ and always know where you stand.

Price-wise, it is incredible.  The $45 Unlimited Value rate plan with Mobilicity gives unlimited local talk, North American Text + Picture Messaging, Canada & US Long Distance, Global Text, unlimited Data, Caller ID, Voicemail, Call-Forwarding, Three-Way Calling and Call Waiting, and 30 minutes North American Voice Roaming while you are in unlimited zones (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa).  The wallet feature covers the other edges of the world!

The only drawback?  Now we need to hire a programmer to convert the UrbanMommies iPhone app into android!

Disclosure: Mobilicity sent UrbanMommies a Galaxy Nexus phone and provided 6 months of service.  As always, our opinions are our own.