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Thoughtful Grandparent Gifts

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This holiday season I’m determined to give thoughtful and kind gifts. Most websites charge crazy prices for shipping, take forever to fabricate a product and even longer to arrive.


Moms Check Out the iTunes Festival

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Moms Check out the iTunes FestivalAs if today hasn’t been exciting enough in the Apple world, I’m exhausted after having a Mom and kids dance party last night while we rocked out to the Arctic Monkeys at the iTunes Festival.  (Well kind of at the festival.) As a busy mom, I can only galavant across the globe so much.. (chuckle), and I haven’t been out for an adult evening in a while.  As with all of a parent’s favourite things, the ability to see concerts shouldn’t disappear once we have kids.  We love the gift that iTunes gives parents every September.  The iTunes Festival is an annual, month-long music festival and concert series which takes place over the entire month of September at The Roundhouse art centre in London, England. Currently in its seventh year, headliners include Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Elton John and Jessie J.  The lineup is incredible and every day there’s something new.

Moms iTunes FestivalWatching on my HDTV via my Apple TV made me feel like I was in London as the concert streamed live.  And free. Every day there’s a new lineup. (Don’t miss Canada’s Bahamas on September 16th..)

Even better? when the kids take over the Apple TV to watch kids stuff (or if certain acts are more adult-oriented), I can stream the music on the iPod or iPhone, Mac or PC using the Festival App.  If you are a tad swamped in September with back to school chaos (moi?), the content is also available for purchase and download on iTunes.

So put on your skinny jeans and lace, Mom.  We’re hitting the concert circuit!

The iTunes Festival website ( will have all the latest news and information.

There is also a dedicated iTunes Twitter feed for anyone that wants to follow the festival on Twitter:  @iTunesfestival  #iTunesFestival

Current Line-up:

September 1: Lady Gaga
September 2: Sigur Rós + Poliça
September 3: The Lumineers + Phox
September 4: Paramore + Fenech-Soler
September 5: Rizzle Kicks
September 6: Queens of The Stone Age + Palma Violets
September 7: Phoenix + Little Green Cars
September 8: Bastille + 1975
September 9: Arctic Monkeys + Drenge
September 10: Jake Bugg + Valerie June
September 11: Kings of Leon + Jimmy Eat World
September 12: Elton John + Tom Odell
September 13: Avicii
September 14: Chic featuring Nile Rodgers + Janelle Monáe
September 15: Vampire Weekend + The Olms
September 16: Jack Johnson + Bahamas
September 17: Ludovico Einaudi + Agnes Obel
September 18: Thirty Seconds To Mars + The Family Rain
September 19: Kendrick Lamar
September 20: Primal Scream + Skinny Girl Diet
September 21: HAIM + Dan Croll
September 22: Ellie Goulding
September 23: Jessie J + Lawson
September 24: Robin Thicke
September 25: Pixies + NO CEREMONY///
September 26: Tinie Tempah + Naughty Boy
September 27: Dizee Rascal
September 28: John Legend
September 29: Justin Timberlake
September 30: Katy Perry



App Reviews: Kid's Quota for Managing Kids' Time on Devices

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With four kids in our family, there is often conflict about turns on the computer, the iPad, and the XBox. Whichever device is popular on a given day winds up with a line of three waiting children who all complain that the current player has had a long turn and Dad, could you please kick him off of the whatever? Luckily, there is an app for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone to help with problems such as these. Kids’ Quota can help manage time on games and other tasks.


Contest: Boxing Day Sales with Shopcatch!

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And your Mom used to wait eagerly for the Tuesday fliers.  Totally old-school.  Now, with any smartphone, you can track deals through GPS, and all you need to redeem the deal is sent right to your phone.  (Pretty good for the environment too).  You can indicate preferences for certain stores or types of goods – helpful for a costly kitchen reno for sure!  As I strolled through the mall on boxing day I watched the interactive map that told me which stores nearby had which deals.  Oh yeah, baby.  Convenient?  Totally.  Good for the budget?  Maybe… if you can resist awesome prices on those items you don’t really need.  Bon chance!  I’m (ahem) off to the mall.

So… we have a contest!  Tell us (below in our comments section) what store is a CANNOT MISS for boxing day sales and we’ll enter you in a draw to win a $25 Visa Giftcard!  Deadline: Dec. 31st/11

Shopcatch is also having a great ‘Beat Your Receipt’ contest.  They are looking for your Boxing Week deals, so no need to have that receipt dated December 26th to enter – share any deals you find next week on their Facebook wall or tweet it to Shopcatch for a chance to win!  Good luck, everyone!

5 reasons to download ShopCatch:

– Catch the hottest deals in major stores and malls located near you
– Score exclusive mobile coupons for quick and easy redemption at major retailers in Canada
– One app – multiple malls; Get stores, deals, maps and everything you need to know to navigate your favourite shopping mall with ShopCatch
– Get notifications when the retailers you ‘follow’ are giving away the goods
– Be in-the-know of the most lucrative in-store promotion

This is a sponsored post however, as always, our opinions are our own.


Our (Unsponsored) Back to School Picks

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Now that it’s almost September we will succumb to the inevitible.  Admitting the summer is over is hard, but we have thick fall fashion mags to thumb and wool sweaters to cuddle in.  So here are our back to school picks – both practical and not very.

1.  The Labels.  We like the funky designs from Emily Press.
2.  The Playdate cards from Minted.
3.  The Cool graphic T. from  Mini Mioche.
4.  The Fab Hat.  ChillMonkeys is the place.
5.  The Recycled Newspaper Pencils from Lavish and Lime.
6.  The Funky Backpack from Raspberry Kids.
7. The ID Bracelet from Vital IDs.
8. The Personalized Retro Lunchbox from Name your Design.
9.  The Reflective Vest from Ikea.
10.  The Custom Binder from Zazzle.

1.  The Car Organizer from Leaps and Bounds.
2. The Mad Men collection from Banana Republic.
3.  The Home Meal Delivery Service from Luscious Living.
4. The planner – chalkboard, calendar, white board.  Whatever floats your boat (or your family at least).  We like the printables from Mommy Tracked.
5.  Reusable fridge stickies for artwork.
6.  The Emergency Contact Form.  And while you’re at it – check the kiddo’s passport expiry dates, make sure immunizations are up-to-date, and think seriously about investing in Nexus cards if you travel.
7. The cereal dispenser from the Container Store.
8. The Mophie Juice Pack Boost for when your texting lasts longer than your battery.
9.  The Missoni Collection from Target – we really like the rubber boots and the bike.  Available Sept. 13th
10.  The box of Greeting cards for the whole year from Crane.

– JA


Cell Phones in the Car

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Driving while talking or texting on a cell phone is now illegal in many Canadian provinces.  If you a) haven’t figured out your Bluetooth (or never remember to charge the batteries), or b) can’t seem to get off the phone in the car, we’ll give you a few options.  Urbanmommies spoke with Corporal Dale Somerville of the RCMP, who verified a few points for us as stated in section 214.1 of the Motor Vehicle Act.   Holding and talking on a mobile device while driving will now cost you $167.  Texting or emailing while holding a mobile device will cost you $167, plus 2 points off of your license.  Hands-free devices are allowed provided you only touch one button on the earpiece in order to answer or dial.  Ouch.  For busy moms who are used to returning calls in the car… what do you do?


Making Technology Work for You

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Bluetooth.  Twitter.  Blackberry.  Ipod. SMS. GPS.  IM.  Help!!  As a parent it is pretty hard to keep track.  On a recent visit with some Torontonians, I realized that even I was out of touch.  Technology can intimidate me, but it should exist to make our lives easier.  So get out the PVR manual, create a Twitter handle and use technology to your advantage.  We need all the extra time we can get, and sometimes a text or an email received on a wireless device can decrease stress in our hectic lives. 


Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation iPhone AppWe’re all about hip and funky.  And if you can save the environment and your own health in the mix, that’s a big bonus.  (Kind of like getting a daily calf massage after a night in 4 inch heels).  Did you know that 87% of Canadians believe that household cleaning products are safe even though only 10% of the chemicals used in the typical products have been tested?  Or here’s a scary one.. apparently housewives face a 55% higher cancer risk due to their exposure to household cleaning products… Nice.  Seventh Generation has come out with a super-cool app for the iphone or free download for your home computer.  While you are shopping or surfing, you can search a directory of common cleaning products to see what ingredients are inside.  Merci!