Q What kinds of classes or courses can I be taking to prepare for the birth of my child?

A: Before your new addition arrives you may want to consider signing up for some of the great classes offered throughout Vancouver to help you and your significant other prepare for the birth of your child.
These classes can help you learn how to work together during labour, offer useful breathing techniques, positions to help you feel more comfortable, advice and proven methods for successful breastfeeding and much more.

Some of these programs and classes are offered directly by the hospital where you will be giving birth, while others are offered in a studio environment. Below are some of the choices and classes that are offered.  For further information, talk to your doctor or midwife to find out about other classes in your area that they may recommend.  UrbanMommies has event listings that you’ll want to check out, and be sure to subscribe to our hip weekly newsletter for exclusive deals and great info.

BC Womens offers various childbirth educational classes from hospital orientation, child birth series, breastfeeding classes, infant care and more.  For the full listing, prices and time – https://edreg.cw.bc.ca/Prenatal/Default.aspx

Douglas College offers labour, birth and postpartum classes throughout the Lower Mainland  – http://www.douglas.bc.ca/programs/continuing-education/programs-courses/perinatal/p_labour.html.

Lower Mainland Childbearing has been offering community based prenatal classes in Vancouver for over 30 years.  Their classes encourage family centered maternity care – www.childbearing.org

Westcoast Prenatals provides a childbirth education series focusing on labour, delivery and immediate postpartum care. Private classes and refresher courses are available upon request. www.westcoastprenatals.com

Couples workshop for birth preparation – Through discussion, gentle postures, breath work, vocal toning, meditation and massage, couples will cultivate greater relaxation, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing.

The Birth Place in Maple Ridge offers classes that provide a comfortable environment for expectant parents to learn about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and infant care. http://www.thebirthplace.ca/modules.php?op=modload&name=BP-OurServices&file=index

Belly to Baby in Coquitlam not only prepares you and your birth partner for labor and delivery, but also guides you through the questions and answers that arise after your baby’s arrival. Belly to Baby has recently received the rights to incorporate the Dunstan Baby Language (as seen on Oprah) into their weekend workshop. http://www.bellytobaby.ca

Birthing from Within – Dancing Star Birth prenatal classes are informative & transformative—balancing traditional information with pain coping practices & creative activities to meet the needs of your Heart, Body, and Mind in preparing for Baby. Small classes of 5-7 couples ensure a personal approach. Classes are held at the beautiful Pomegranate Community Midwives in East Vancouver. http://www.dancingstarbirth.ca/

St. Paul’s Hospital – These classes include discussion about nutrition, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, labour and delivery, tests and procedures, care of mother and baby, breastfeeding and what to expect when you get home. http://www.providencehealthcare.org/info_services_health_maternity.html

Healthiest Babies Possible
Vietnamese, Spanish, and other languages

North Vancouver Health

English speaking clients – (604) 983.6863
Persian speaking clients – (604) 983.6859

Cantonese Classes
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (604) 684.1628

Japanese classes
(604) 980.8539

Iranian/Persian Classes
Mahin Khodabandeh (604) 983.6859

Korean Classes
Si Won Kim – (604)713.1800
Email: educareprenatal@yahoo.ca