Teaching my kids about charity and philanthropy have always been as important as math and reading. We divide allowance into thirds, giving one to a favourite organization, and run countless lemonade stands for water well development. I thought this was a great start, but the realization even within the past two weeks that we are doing nowhere near enough has hit like a brick. Many kids have no clean water, no parents to snuggle with, horrifying memories of war, and only a frayed thread of hope.

Growing up, I looked at big companies and thought ‘wow they have a big building, and a nice logo – impressive!’ Delving into my recollections, there were only a couple companies who incorporated charitable giving and awareness into their mission statements. That saddens me to no end, as does my shallowness for not demanding it from companies when I was younger. As our world’s borders shrink, families get closer and we recognize that there won’t be much of a planet to leave to our grandchildren, good corporations have taken the initiative to lead. I was at an event the other night with Air Transat, celebrating their new route to Rome. I couldn’t turn down this invitation, because I know first hand that they love families. Last year I attended in their Santa Flight, where terminally ill kids and their families step onto a flight to the North Pole, and the plane rocks as Santa climbs aboard to distribute gifts and spread joy. I know. Shivers. This part of the company I knew, but I had no idea to what extent they go out of their way to help children and families.

This Cyber Monday, there is a special Air Transat Auction – an opportunity for you not only to get a great deal on a sunny or European vacation, but Air Transat is gifting all proceeds to SOS Children’s Villages, a non-profit humanitarian organization benefiting more than 80,000 abandoned, orphaned children in 134 countries.

TransatAuctionAnd it’s fun!! The ‘Transat Auction’ will take place on Twitter, where Canadians will be able to bid on 20 auction lots consisting of all-inclusive packages to popular Sun destinations like Mexico, Curaçao, Panama and St. Maarten, as well as roundtrip flights to Europe. To participate and bid on your dream vacation, you must follow the @AirTransat account, or search for the hashtag #TransatAuction. Full details of the Transat Auction and the lots will also be available on the www.transatauction.ca microsite as of Friday, November 27.

Cyber Monday Transat AuctionTransat started supporting SOS Children’s Villages in 2009 and has changed the lives of more than 25,000 vulnerable children. Not only does Transat hold the auction, but I learned something else at the event the other night. It was the third time that evening that I welled up with tears. On EVERY. SINGLE. FLIGHT. you can hand over annoying foreign coins and currency from your travels and they will donate it to charity. So on my next Air Transat flight, I’ll be piling all of my international coins into an additional carryon to bring to the plane!

When we talk charity, numbers seem so obscure. SOS Children’s Villages benefits more than 80,000 abandoned, orphaned children in 134 countries. Think about those numbers for a second. 80,000 orphaned kids. How many people attend your child’s school? How many of these schools where you know the kids and do dropoff every day would it take to add up to 80,000 kids? This is just one organization of many. The world of 2015 needs more than a small child’s allowance and a few lemonade stands. Thank you Air Transat. I will be bidding repeatedly on Cyber Monday.

Disclosure: Though I am totally in love with Air Transat, we accepted this sponsored article in order to promote the incredible initiatives the company is taking.