Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super HeroesDisney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes recently launched at the end of September, which is the sequel to Disney Interactive’s toys-to-life hit Disney Infinity. Like the first game, this one lets players transport plastic characters into the game via a portal platform, then play with them either in story-based campaigns or a mode called Toy Box, which lets kids build worlds and create activities.


Starter Pack Includes:

– Marvel’s The Avengers Play Set
– Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow Digital Characters
– Full Access to Toy Box 2.0
– Two Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box Games: Escape from the Kyln & Assault on Asgard.

My kids have always loved gaming on their tablet, but interactive games have only been a dream and bit of social capital that they haven’t understood when discussed at length on the playground. In order to give Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes a proper test, I first set them up with other another interactive games – Skylanders. Though they do love the ever popular Skylanders, Marvel Super Heroes blew their minds and they are begging (daily, hourly, way too much!) to play on the Infinity.

1. Now that Disney owns Marvel, there are so many exciting role models to play. Kids aren’t passively following a character and pretending to be that character – kids place their chosen character on the Interactive’ platform and see the character come to life. Princesses, heroes, villains – the only limit to play is the imagination. My kids thought it was like Minecraft but with incredible battles and their favourite heroes and villains. While watching them play, I though the animations and music were fantastic (it’s Disney after all!).

2. Because of the addition of the newest Toy Box 2.0, players can mix, match and mash up characters and worlds to create any adventure they wish to play out. Toy box is like a creative mode where you can create your own maps/levels, share them with friends, download other people’s maps, race your friends, create/customize your own house and let your imagination expand. This is where the game really shines and is why my kids ended up preferring it to Skylanders. The new Creator tool helps quickly build desired worlds easily. For those who love gameplay with friends, you can connect your Toy Box creations with friends. No limits!

3. In the Sandbox mode You can make custom levels with placed health pickups and enemy wave generation, objectives, races, etc.

4. There’s a player housing where you can place a ton of objects and build new rooms with items from your favourite Disney movies and comics.

There are so many scenarios to play out that the kids had a hard time squeezing in all of their gaming time! We all have our favourite movies and Disney characters. My challenge now is to get the kids off the screen so that I can be Maleficent. Or Anna. Maybe Elsa. And I will be singing ht entire time!

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