Addicted to kale chips, hot yoga and impractical shoes, Alyssa Bauman is on a mission to help others see just how easy it is to be healthy. After 10 years as a journalist in NYC, she moved to Vancouver to put a little more life in her lifestyle. After countless “How are you so healthy” questions, she founded, NOURISHED, a health consulting firm that gives one-on-one support, group webinars and coaching on how to eat to live your healthiest so you can be your happiest and most fulfilled. “Everyone wants results, but here’s a reminder: they only happen when you are willing to make a change and it is not as hard as it is made out to be. Catch Bauman in Yaletown with her husband and three little girls.

Favourite place to travel: Anywhere I haven’t been before. Whether that’s a city, country, store or a neighbourhood. I love getting lost in the possibility of the unplanned and unexpected.

Cannot-live-without gadget: Hate to say it  … blackberry. Work and mommy collides.

Go-to ‘Mom’ attire: Skinny jeans, j crew tank, and a colorful long sleeve t-shirt are usually on my bedroom floor and what I throw on in the am. My flat brown ankle boot await me every morning as I pull them on to get the kids to school. I dont go anywhere without my big black Spy glasses. Makes any look complete.

Favourite kid-friendly dinner to make: My go to 5-minute meal I am happy to serve: Barilla Plus pasta with chopped greens and garlic and a side of carrot sticks.

I’m currently reading: Eating Animals, The Cricket in Times Square and the Delta of Venus

My child’s birthday party this year will involve:  Me, my husband, my three girls and lots and lots of candles. Oh and a camera.

Best advice from my Mother:   Let her work it out. She will find the right way and make the right decision on her own.