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Gifts that Tickle

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On day three of our Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guides we hone in on gifts that tickle our senses and make us mindful of the joys of a life well lived.


Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Serum

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The problem with being photogenic is that as you age, every angle is no longer your best angle. People can now tell that I’ve had little sleep or have neglected to eat cruciferous vegetables recently.


Dove Nourishing Oil Care

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I ski.  And sail.  Teach jazz dancing. And take the kids to playdates and soccer games.  And I never, ever have time to style my hair.  (or usually even wash it but that’s another story).  Born brown, I thought recently for the first time that I should try blond.  Well.. if one wants to look like a shaggy-haired stripper I was perfect.  But not quite ‘me’.  So I went back to brown.  And needed some serious shampoo care.

Dove Canada approached me to try their new Nourishing Oil Care line as part of the Real Canadian Hair Challenge – the different climates across our huge country can pose different challenges for women’s hair.  I agreed (nothing could be worse than shaggy stripper hair) and I started.  The first wash as pretty amazing.  I was completely sold on the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum that you put on wet hair. Or on the ends when they look shaggy.  You guessed it – not only do I hate to shower, but I have absolutely no understanding of hair products..

I tested it for over a month.  Seriously.  And I am hooked.  10 soccer games later.. 10 ski lessons, a trip to Florida and a few dance classes… sold.  My hair needs less styling (as if that were possible) and feels so much better to the touch.  Plus, meeting Mark Townsend, celebrity stylist for Dove Canada, was an amazing experience. He shared so many Mom-hair tips which I will send along shortly. (ie. Style only once every 4 days and use his tips and Dove’s dry shampoo between stylings).. For now, you can peek at my experience from beginning to end in this video. But please only remember how my hair looks at the end after Mark has tamed it at the Dove Spa. Enjoy!